Banking Jobs in the UAE

Things You Need to Know About Banking Jobs in the UAE


With the advent of VAT and implementation of digital technologies, the best phase of banking jobs in UAE has come. Dubai has been a subject of fascination among job seekers from around the globe, mainly Indians. Getting employment in a foreign land is a concept that intrigues a vast majority of Indians.

However, landing jobs in financial sector is not that easy. Here, in this post we will discuss in brief about banking and finance sector in the gulf region.

Ample Opportunities for the Right Deserving Candidates

The introduction of new tax rules and imposition of VAT has paved way for a rising demand for skilled financial professionals. The main reasons that are cited behind the rise of banking jobs in UAE are diversification of automation that is related to the oil industry and the introduction of value-added tax.

These two reasons have created a massive demand for candidates who are deft at these subjects. It comes as no surprise that banking and finance sector will be the most profitable sectors in the Gulf, especially Dubai. There will be no dearth of opportunities for the right candidates as forecasted by the research agencies who believe that over 5 thousand new openings will soon be available for the banking and finance industry.

Unlike before, things have taken a favorable turn for the greater good. There will be availability of attractive salaries and new jobs in the coming months. Aspirants who eventually want to take up banking jobs in UAE should feel excited and energetic about the expansion of this field.

Roles that will make for an exciting career option are anti-money laundering specialists, compliance officers, and mergers and acquisitions specialist and more. Those candidates who have an extensive industrial experience will be much in demand. Moreover, technical roles will also undergo a significant change with the passage of time.

Choose From Various Financial Services

An exciting career opportunity is available with banking sector where you can choose from various money management services which includes but is not limited to retail banking, investment banking, public relations, customer banking, credit operations, and more. There is a huge scope for professional growth and personal development in this sector.

With that being said, the prerequisites for building a successful career in this profession are: a bachelor degree, a strong passion towards work, an analytical bent of mind, and ability to tackle pressure and meet deadlines. However, if a candidate has a master degree from countries like the UK or the USA, then there is a strong possibility of getting the best banking jobs in the UAE.

The banking sector has proliferated at an unprecedented pace in the past few years. There has been rapid advancement that made way for excellent career opportunities in banking industry. Successfully selected candidates can earn a handsome pay check and secure their career. Moreover, the increasing number of private and international banks has also highlighted the fact that new avenues are readily available for the deserving candidates.


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