Benefits of Having a DEMAT Account with SMC

Benefits of Having a DEMAT Account with SMC

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A dematerialized or DEMAT Account is an account that facilitates the investors and traders to keep their shares safely in electronic form, therefore, eliminating the need of handling the shares or securities physically. Since dematerialization in 1996, having a DEMAT Account is a must for investors or traders to trade in the stock market. Without a DEMAT Account, you will not be able to hold your securities in dematerialized form or in electronic form.

The main purpose behind dematerialization in 1996 was to eliminate the loss or theft of shares or securities, forgeries in the stock market trading, and make stock market trading easy.

SMC Global Securities Ltd. was incorporated as a stockbroker in 1994. SMC is a broker registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and offers investment in various ventures like derivatives, equity, Initial Public Offers (IPOs), mutual funds, currency, and commodities.

Along with investment facilities, SMC provides various financial products such as loans for IPO applications, loans against shares or securities, and loans against commodities or property. SMC also provides facilities to Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) to invest in Indian Share Market through its platform. SMC provides an integrated DEMAT and trading account (2-in-1 account) to its investors or clients.

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Benefits of DEMAT Account

1. Zero Account Opening Charges

If you want to open an integrated DEMAT and trading account online, you’ll have to pay zero account opening charges.

2. Very fast account opening process

With SMC, you can get your DEMAT Account opened within 15 minutes by getting your e-KYC done. You are not required to visit the SMC office or stand in long queues to get your DEMAT Account opened. The whole process of the DEMAT Account opening will be done online.

3. Free investment advice by Experts

You can get investment advice from India’s award-winning desk from SMC absolutely free. Moreover, you can also call on SMC’s toll-free number 1800110909 in case you want any assistance or help regarding DEMAT & trading account.

4. One-Stop Investment Shop

It is a one-stop-shop solution for multiple investment needs of the customers which is provided through SMC Global’s DEMAT Account and which is why it is rated as the best broking house in India.

5. Next Generation Trading App

With a DEMAT Account in SMC, you can trade with a multi-featured application across various electronic devices such as Mobiles, Desktops, or Tablets.

Other Benefits of a DEMAT Account

  1. The process of DEMAT & trading account opening with SMC is quick, efficient, and hassle-free.
  2. No time and geographical limit for its users.
  3. Makes the transfer of shares and securities easier
  4. Low Brokerage and transaction charges

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SMC Global Securities Ltd. is a company that has been formed out of sheer conviction and with a purpose that can bring a change in the stockbroking industry, and due to this purpose; they have been very persistent in their approach for so many years.

If you are looking forward to opening an integrated DEMAT and trading account with SMC, you can visit our website for any query or information. 


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