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If you have a job then you must have received your Salary slip every month. However, If you do not then let’s know what a salary slip is and what are the different Salary slip formats in excel, word, PDF.

The Salary slip formats in Excel, Word, PDF help many professionals like HR, HR executives, and other Administrative staff and save their time. These different patterns are easy to use and understand.

The simple salary slip format in word, Salary slip format PDF, simple salary slip format in excel are a few examples of the simple salary slip format.

There are many ways to state a salary on a Salary slip which comprises important information regarding your Salary. These different Salary slip formats give a detailed statement of salary and are created on various software platforms like Excel, Word, and PDF.

With the help of these easy Salary slip format in word, you can easily feed in the detailed information of the salary status of an employee and give a clear account of their salary.

The salary slips are not only important for the employers but the employees too. With the help of a Salary slip, you can claim many benefits.

There are many ways to create or download Salary slip, you can create a salary slip format word, PDF, and excel. The salary slip format in PDF format cannot be edited while the other two can be easily corrected with the help of software.

In this article, we will tell you the importance of a salary slip and guide you on how to make different salary slip formats.

What is a Salary Slip?

The salary slip is basically what you earn per month including any addition and deduction from that payment. It is a detailed account of your Salary. A salary slip is also called Payslip; this is sent to you by your employer/accountant at the time when you receive your salary.

The salary slip contains details about the salary of the employee, including the name of the company you work at, your name, Month of Payslip, Identification Number, Bank Account Number, Basic Salary, reimbursements, Allowances like HRA, DA, Provident Fund, Gross Salary, Bonus, and TDS, etc.

This detailed Salary slip is provided by the employer to the employee as proof that said employee works in their company. Not only that, with the help of a Salary slip, the employee can keep track of his/her Salary and other deductions and benefits on his salary. These Salary slips are sent through email or in written format on paper.

Salary slips are legally important. Every employer is legally bound to provide a salary slip to its employees. Salary slips become proof of periodic Salary allotment to the employee.

Every person who works under any organization/ employer receives these Salary slips. However, many of us do not know how important they are and what is their importance.

There are many advantages of keeping your Salary slips safely like Tax deduction but as we do not throw these Salary slips without giving them a second thought. But there may be times when we felt an urgent need for these Salary slips.

In times of need, a Salary slip can be used as a legal document. Indian Law states that you can ask your employer for a Salary slip rightfully if he/she is not providing it to you.

Salary Slip Format in India

The salary slip format can vary according to the different companies/organizations/ Employer. However, some of the heads of simple salary slip format are common in different salary slips.

The components common in these Salary payslip formats are mentioned below:

  • Name of the company/Logo/ Company Address
  • Month/ year of Payroll slip / Employee code
  • PAN/ Aadhar/ Bank details of the Employee
  • EPF/UAN account numbers of the employee
  • Details about the wok days/leaves
  • Payments/ Deductions
  • Gross/ Net pay in words and numbers

Download Salary Slip Format in Excel, Word, PDF Online

The Salary Slip Format Excel, PDF, Word can be downloaded from this website easily. To download Salary slip online click on the links given below:

There are three types of Salary slip format in India

  1. Salary slip format in Excel
  2. Salary slip format in Word
  3. Salary slip format in PDF

1. Salary Slip Format in Excel

As you already know that Simple Salary slips contain all the information the additional earnings and additional deductions along with the Basic Salary.

Here you can take an example of Salary Slip Format in excel with formulas. It can help you to calculate the gross amount (earning and deductions).

Salary slip format in excel helps in the monthly tracking of the Salary provided to the employee. The salary slip format can be designed in many ways including a simple salary slip format in excel. With the help of excel software, you can design a simple salary slip format in excel according to your needs.

Here you will get a general idea of how to create A Simple Salary slip format in excel.

  • Header- Name of the company
  • Details of your employee
  • Components of the Salary
  • Summary
  • Notes & Approval

You can download Salary slip- available templates for the Salary slip format online and can edit them later as needed.  It is advised to create a Simple Salary slip format in Word or excel.  These formats can be easily edited. A salary slip format in PDF cannot be edited.

As a salary slip format can be downloaded in different formats as mentioned earlier, you should know how to create them. Salary slip format PDF is a little bit difficult to edit in comparison to Salary Slip format word, Salary slip format excel.

Simple Salary Slip Format in Excel

A simple Salary Slip format in excel is one of the most popular salary slip formats. When we talk about the basic features and components of a Salary Slip, Salary slip format excel is a much better option than the Salary Slip Format Pdf. A Salary slip format Excel can be edited easily and can be convenient for the HR/ HR executives. While editing the Salary Slip Format PDF, you need special tools/ software.

The link to download the simple salary slip format excel is given below:

2. Salary Slip Format in Word

The Simple Salary slip format in word is one of the most common ways companies and organizations make a Salary slip for their employee easily.  As the word is a worldwide used tool, it makes the salary slip format word easier to edit and update. The simple salary slip format in word is one of the best Simple Salary slip format in word available.

If you want to download the simple Salary slip format word or a simple salary slip format in word, follow the link below:

3. Salary slip format in PDF

Although not much popular in comparison to Salary slip format word and Excel, a salary slip format PDF makes the understanding of salary easy to understand equally. It can depend on the comfort of the employer to create a Salary Slip format pdf of his liking.

In a way, salary slip format are much safer to use as they cannot be edited except with the help of a special tool. These features of Salary slip Format PDF makes it a much secure tool against forgery, etc.

If you want to download salary slip format in PDF or want to have a look at its components, you can click on the links given below:

Few Formulas to Create a Simple Salary Slip Format in PDF, Word, Excel

These formulas can help you in creating any salary slip in different salary slip format:

Components Formula
Income( Taxable) Income(gross salary +  other income)
Total Salary Gross Salary +PF+ Gratuity
Gross Salary Basic Salary+ HRA+ Other allowances
Net Salary Basic Salary +HRA+ Allowances- Income Tax- Provident Fund-Professional Tax

Importance of Salary Slip

What are the points that make a Salary slip so important? Some of the important advantages of acquiring Salary slips are mentioned below-

1. The basis for Income Tax Calculation

A salary slip can be considered as the foundation of the Calculation to calculate your earnings and income tax. A salary slip can help in understanding the Tax return and refunds. One can claim a tax refund and calculate the total amount to be paid as Tax in a financial year.

The income tax returns are claimed by the information provided on your salary payslip namely HRA, DA, TA, Medical allowances.

2. A Salary Slip can be an Employment Proof

You already know that the Salary slips are legal proof of your employment by a certain person/ Entity/ organization.  So if you ever apply for a visa for travel purposes in foreign countries or want to get enrolled in any foreign executive course then you may be asked to show/submit the copies of your Salary slip to prove your employment and post.

3. You can get a Loan/Credit Card

With the help of your payslip, you can apply for the desirable loans and Credit card facility. While opting for a loan the companies check your eligibility as a borrower. With the help of your Salary Slip, you can prove your eligibility as a potential borrower who can return the borrowed amount within a limited time period.

Most of the financial institutions ask for the previous 3 months Salary slips to set the criteria and amount limit for the borrower.

4. Salary Slip helps to Avail Different Facilities

 The salary slips help a person employed on a salary basis avail many benefits provided by the government. Government launched schemes can help the person in getting subsidized services like food grains, Medical facilities, etc.

5. Salary slip Help in assessing the Future Job prospects

If you have your old Salary slips with you then you can compare the new job offers from other companies. You can differentiate the benefits provided by the company and negotiate your salary smartly as you can show the hiring firm the last drawn salary with the help of a Salary slip.

6. Salary slip helps in understanding the Salary components

There are many components of a Salary including many allowances and mandatory deductions which can be a bit difficult to understand for a fresher. The mandatory deductions like EPF can be better understood with the help of a Salary slip. The details mentioned on the Salary slips are elaborated and easy to understand. In this part, the Salary Slip format in pdf also plays an important role as the details are required to be short and clear.

7. Plan the Future Savings

With the help of Salary slips, you can walk one step ahead in the future. You can plan your retirement plans as you will have an idea of how much money will be accumulated in your provident fund. You can plan a Backup and live a secure life.

How can You Save Tax with the Help of a Salary Slip?

A Salary slip contains many components like different allowances namely Dearness allowance, House Rent Allowance, Medical Allowance, etc. These mentions in a Salary slip can help you save the tax on your salary.

The Salaries are structured in such a way that can help people save their money with the help of allowances and other components.

You can save the income tax by investing in different instruments that can help you in saving your tax like policies, equities, loans, etc.

Benefits of Salary Slip

  • Salary Slip gives an estimate of the total cash an employer is getting in his hand which also gives him the idea of the amount of income tax he has to pay every year.
  • Salary slips also give an idea to the employer about how much he is contributing to the EPF.
  • It indicated the loan repayment capacity of the employee and determines the amount of loan he is eligible for.
  • When you switch jobs or apply for university programs, payroll plays a great role. It helps to verify your salary claims.

The Important Components of a Simple Salary Slip Format

There are many components of a simple salary slip format. Few of them are explained here to give you a general idea of these important elements-

The mentioned components are explained under the income section of the simple salary slip format.

1. Basic Salary

Basic Salary is the most significant component of the Simple Salary slip format in pdf. The Basic salary is lower for the higher officials whereas it is higher for the lower officials.   Basic pay covers almost 30-40% of the net salary. Basic Pay decides the other factors in a simple payslip format.

2. Dearness Allowance (DA)

Dearness allowance is paid to cover the employee against the negative impacts of Inflation. DA is calculated based on your basic pay. This differs according to the location of the job and the cost of living of an employee.

3. House Rent Allowance (HRA)

As the name suggests, the House Rent Allowance is provided for the house rent of an employee. This also depends on the location you live in. HRA is one of the main components of Simple Salary slip format in pdf and covers around 40-50% of your basic salary.

4. Conveyance Allowance (CA)

This allowance is paid to the employee to cover the travel cost. This covers the cost of traveling from home to work.

5. Leave Travel Allowance (LTA)

This allowance covers the travel cost of you and your family while on leave.

6. Medical Allowance (MA)

Under this allowance, all the medical expenses of an employee are covered by the employer.

7. Bonus/Special Allowance

Bonus/special allowances are given to the employee by the employer to appreciate the efforts of the employee and encourage him for better performance.

8. Other Allowance

Other allowance on the Simple salary slip format includes other allowance paid to the employee for various purposes. These allowances can be differentiated by the employer. He/she can either group them as other allowance or keep them separate.

Salary Slip Deductions

Mentioned elements come under the deduction section of a simple salary slip. The amount under deduction gets cut for the different purposes-

1. Provident Fund

The provident fund is like security to an employee in case of emergency or after retirement. This monetary contribution is mandatory. This is the main element of the Simple Salary slip Format.

2. Professional Tax

This tax is applicable only in some Indian States. This tax is decided based on Tax slab of the employee. This is one of the other components of the simple salary slip format.

3. Tax-deductible at source (TDS)

The Tax deductible at source is a deduction made by the employer under the income tax department.

How can You Create a Salary Slip Format in Excel, Word, PDF online?

You do not have to create a Salary slip format in word or excel anymore as we have provided different Salary slips. You can download salary slip format from the links provided on our website,

Here are the steps to follow if you want to download a Salary slip format Word, Pdf, Excel:

  1.     Download Salary slip Format word or excel or PDF according to your choice/ comfort
  2.     Add the time ( month/date/ year) to the Salary slip
  3.     Provide all the important details like name of the organization, employee name, post, contact details, Post, etc.
  4.     Mention the applicable Salary components like allowances and deductions
  5.     Enter your PAN number
  6.     Save the edited template and take a printout for verification by HR

There are many salary slip format in pdf available online to make the work easy and save you from hassle. The Salary Slip formats Word/Excel/PDF have their advantages and characteristics.

How to Read and Understand Salary Slip Format in Excel, Word, PDF?

Reading and understanding salary slips require knowledge of a few things. Whether you receive your salary slip format excel, word, or pdf, the reading and understanding procedure will be the same.  Let’s see how to read and understand it:

  1. Consult your employment agreement and tally all the components mentioned in the salary slip. See if all the components are mentioned in the salary slip or not.
  2. Calculate the number of days you have worked for the company in one month and tally them what is written in the salary slip.
  3. Go through the tax deductions.

Difference between Cost to Company (CTC) and In-Hand Salary

The salary slip format excel, pdf or word contain some terms like CTC, etc. and you must be familiar with the term in-hand salary.

Let’s see what is the difference between both of these:

Cost-to-Company In-hand Salary
Cost to the company is the total amount that the organization is spending per year on the employee.

It includes salary, pension, allowance, etc.

It is the amount the employee gets as the monthly salary after all the deductions.

Taxable and Partially Taxable Components of Salary Slip

Salary slip comes in various formats like salary slip format excel, pdf or word but few things remain common in all. Some components are taxable while others are partially taxable or non-taxable. Here we will see which components are taxable and which are partially taxable and non-taxable.

Components Taxable/ Partially Taxable/ Non taxable
DA Taxable
Basic Pay Taxable
HRA Partially taxable
Conveyance Allowance Partially taxable
Medical Allowance Partially taxable
CCA Taxable
Meals allowance Partially taxable
Leave travel Allowance Partially taxable
Other allowance Taxable
The allowance that government pays to the employees living abroad. Non- Taxable
Allowance paid to Supreme court judges Non- Taxable
Allowance paid by UN to employees Non- Taxable
Allowance paid to the UPSC retired people or chairman Non- Taxable

Legal Validity of Payslip in Excel, Word, or PDF and Manual

No matter what is the format of payslip, be it salary slip format excel, pdf, word, or manual, the legal position is the same. However, any meddling in the salary slip is a criminal offense.

Salary Slip – FAQs

Q1. What is a Salary Slip?

A Salary slip is also known as a Payslip, it is provided by the employer to its employee, A salary slip is a valid legal proof and can be used to avail many benefits and offers.

Q2. Can I download Salary slip Online?

Yes, you can download Salary slips in different Salary slip formats like Salary slip format PDF, Salary Slip Format word, or a Simple Salary slip format in Excel from the links given on the website.

Q3. Is it possible to check my salary slip online?

Yes, you can check your Salary slip online; however, it depends on the company/ employer you work for. If they have a website/portal for their employees then you can check it there.

Q4. If I want to check my salary slip online, how can I do it?

To check your Salary slip online, you need to go through the official website of your company/ employer.  You need to visit the section related to the employee self-service where you can see the Salary slip of every month available.

Q5. How do I clear my doubt regarding my Salary slip?

If you want to verify or clear any doubt regarding your salary then you have to contact the HR of your company.

Q6. What happens if I want to correct my Salary slip?

If there is any mistake on your Salary slip that you may want to correct, you can contact HR regarding it. If you edit your Salary slip with the help of third parties then you need to verify the same by HR.

Q7. What happens if my employer is not providing me a Salary slip?

Salary slips are legal documents that must be provided by your employer under the law. If you do not get a payslip by your employer then it is an illegal act and they are liable to legal actions against him/her under Minimum wage (central) rules (1950).

Q8. What is Salary slip Format Word?

A Salary slip format in word is a detailed Salary slip structure created in Word software,

Q9. How many Salary Slip formats are used in India usually?

There are three main Salary slip formats used in India by various firms and organizations. These are Simple Salary slip format In Word, Salary slip format in PDF, and Simple Salary slip format in Excel.

These Salary slips are easy to download and edit except for Salary Form format PDF.

Q10. Who are eligible to get a Salary slip?

Any person employed on a salary basis is supposed to get a Salary Slip from the employer. If your employer does not provide you with a Salary slip then it is illegal.


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