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Expired Car Insurance? Here are the Things You Should Do

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So, you have found yourself in that difficult spot where your car insurance policy has lapsed and you are left confused scratching your head. Driving on Indian roads without a car insurance is illegal and can cause you heavy fines if you drive with an expired car insurance. Driving an uninsured vehicle on Indian roads is not only illegal, but it also puts you at risk of financial responsibility in the event of an accident. Here’s what you can do in such a case:

1. Contact Your Insurance Agent

Agents have good associations with insurers. The first step is to reach out to your insurance agent if you have one. Reaching out on time may save hefty penalty charges which are levied on expired car insurance. In case of further delays, there can be an increase in insurance premium after you renew expired car insurance.

2. Avoid Driving Your Car

The last thing you want is to be caught by traffic police with an expired car insurance policy. Driving without a car insurance policy is a legal offense. Furthermore, you don’t want to risk your and somebody else’s life in case you meet an accident, the happening of which is very unpredictable on the Indian roads.

3. Check and Compare Plans Online

Since driving with expired policy is illegal, it’s advisable that you renew car insurance without any delays. This is easy and can be done online. It’s recommended that you go through various policies and their benefits before renewing car insurance so that you can make a shift to another policy if required. Ensure reading your policy terms thoroughly. You can easily renew car insurance online.

4. Get Your Vehicle Surveyed

After you select your policy and insurance company, a surveyor shall be appointed to inspect your car to proceed with further formalities of obtaining a car insurance policy. Contact the insurer and they shall schedule a day and tie for the surveyor’s visit.

5. Keep Your Documents Ready

After selecting an insurance, contact the provider to ascertain the documentation that will be required. Keep a copy of the preceding year’s policy and the Registration Certificate ready.

Additionally, you’ll need to have your vehicle’s specifications ready. These details include the city in which your automobile was registered, the date of registration, the RTO Office’s address etc.

6. Buy the Policy

Once the formalities have been completed, ensure that you proceed with the payment as soon as possible and acquire the renewed car insurance policy. Also keep in mind to keep a track on your policy and renew car insurance on time. If you’re looking to renew your policy, or cover you and buy comprehensive car insurance to protect you, your car and third parties from accidents, have a look at car insurance policies online.

You can easily renew your car insurance policy online without any hassle of visiting the insurance company’s office. Simply visit the insurer’s official website, go to the car insurance renewal section and enter the required details. You will have your insurance renewed in no time. Remember, the more you delay your car insurance renewal, the more it will cost you.


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