guide for accountex, 2020

Guide for Accountex, 2023


Every aspiring individual in the accounting and finance industry is always excited about Accountex as it brings together more than 8,000 accountancy and finance professionals and firms over the course of two days.

This 2-day conference and expo is a unique opportunity to hear valuable insights from the industry’s leading speakers get acquainted with 100’s new products, and services, and network with your peers who are earning 8 CPD hours. Accountex is the way to keep yourself in the ever-changing loop of finance with the latest developments, debates, and solutions in the accountancy world.

Accountex always delivers the most innovative solutions in the marketplace. Accountex makes it possible to meet and interact with over 100 exhibitors from all areas of accounting technology.

You’ll take away with you the new skills and best practices once you attend these innovative breakout sessions and workshops that you can implement tomorrow. Accountex also allows you to display your solutions and get discovered by top finance companies, and even public accounting professionals.

So, you should start the preparations now for the accounting profession’s biggest event of the year if you haven’t already! Hence, we present to you the Ultimate Guide to Accountex 2023.

The Past Accountex Event

This year’s AccountEx is set to break last year’s record of getting more than 8,000 accountants under one roof. It is going to be more significant than ever, with over 200 exhibitors and firms that will be showcasing new products, newest technologies, and solutions. The most appealing thing about this is the ability to choose from more than 200 sessions and carefully evaluate the big ideas and solutions defining the profession in the free CPD-accredited education program.

Guide on an App

MyFirmsApp is offering accountants the opportunity to download the guide. It is the very first and original developer of bespoke apps for many accountancy firms. This is done so that everyone from the industry can start planning their visit to the number one event for accounting and finance professionals, happening in the United Kingdom.

Accountex 2023

2023 is Europe’s largest yearly business event where the financial and accounting professions come together to shape the future of this quickly evolving industry. It is crucial that finance and accounting professionals equip their businesses and start-ups with the most up-to-date technology and tools as the industry continues to embrace the digital revolution. We are proud to be a part of Europe’s No.1 Accountancy and Finance Conference and Expo.

Get connected, enrich your network, gain practical guidance, and meet over 250 top suppliers changing the future of your profession. Accompany your team to enhance their skills and boost work knowledge and efficiency. Stay up-to-date and get suggestions from key industry figures in 200+ seminar sessions. Our team has considerable marketing expertise in helping companies grow their client base.

We realize that enterprises need to constantly improve their client proposition, including the use of new technologies to become ever more efficient and competitive. 2023’s priority is to provide companies with growth and expand their service offerings, and we support this with wealth management, finance, tax fee protection, outsourcing, and restructuring solutions.


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