reason you need travel insurance

9 Reasons You Need Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel is something which everybody looks forward to, to add up excitement and adventure in their life. However, all the excitement and fun may turn into disappointment and disaster within a few moments in the event of an unexpected mishap during the trip.

Hence, there is one such thing that will give you peace of mind and will make you travel even more adventurous and exciting and that is Travel Insurance.

Benefits of Having Travel Insurance

Here are some of the benefits of having travel insurance:

1. Protection Against Cancellation of Trips

Insurance provides safety in unforeseen situations. It protects you in unexpected situations when you do not even start your trip and helps you in completely or partially refunding funds that you spend on the booking of flights. The benefits of traveling insurance extend over the unexpected situations and covered many reasons like

  • Sudden injury, illness, and death of you and your friend with whom you planned to go on the trip and later unable to go because of the above reasons.
  • The unexpected death or hospitalization of the non-traveling member of the family.
  • Because an unknown disaster has taken place in-home or destination place.
  • In the case of legal obligations such as emergency call of jury duty and have to appear in the court for a witness.
  • Other benefits can also be added as “Cancel for any reason” but for that, you have to fulfill certain eligibility criteria and you have to pay an additional amount in such situations which you will not be going to find essential always.
  • Travel insurance doesn’t take responsibility for your loss if your trip is canceled due to unpacking of Covid-19 as it is banned by the government and during disease, it’s unfit to travel anywhere.

2. Your Flight is Canceled or Delayed

Travel insurance covers the expenses if your flight gets canceled or delayed for a specific time and you may be unable to onboard another connecting flight because of the delay. In such a situation travel insurance companies take all your expenses responsibility and will cover your loss. Travel insurance reimburses most of it, from reasonable calls to staying in hotels and eating meals. This means from start to end it will cover all expenses but one thing you need to do is keep all things documented including receipts, written configuration, correspondence, and clear explanation from the carrier.

Even in the case of an attempt to hijack, a travel insurance company will help you with the problems you have faced, and expenses are covered by them according to the amount you insure.

3. Cover Expenses Related to Lost Baggage and Travel Documents

To a certain limit, travel insurance companies cover expenses related to loss of baggage and in case of stolen important travel documents like a credit card, passport, and other documents related to travel. It also covers for your lost baggage during check-in or causes any damages to certain items and stolen cash. For covering your loads you need to report immediately to the local authority, give information to your insurance company, and get all things documented as soon as possible. Then you can enjoy your trip without tension and mental pressure.

4. In Case of a Medical Emergency

The most important reason to buy travel insurance before traveling abroad is for medical emergency services. During traveling, if you fall sick or injured accidentally, travel insurance will cover all your expenses immediately with a 24/7 assistant. They cover the following expenses-

  • All your medical expenses like hospital bills, daycare surgeries service, and expenses of OPD visits.
  • The charges of an ambulance including prescribed medication charges and emergency evacuation.

5. Medical Repatriation

Your travel insurance also covers the loss of medical repatriation or coming back to your country due to a medical emergency. When people travel to certain places where there is no medical assistance present and any accidental event occurred in such a situation, travel insurance will facilitate you to fly you back to your home country and will cover all your expenses which you have to bear if you don’t buy travel insurance.

6. Incomplete Trip Because of Emergency

In the situation when you are going for a trip and from your back, your family member fell sick or some accidental situation will occur, in such a situation, you have to fly back to your home country. The travel insurance company covers incomplete trip loss as well as reimbursement of the money which is non-refundable and is wasted because of the incomplete trip due to an emergency.

7. Natural Disasters

If your trip gets canceled or incomplete due to natural disasters due to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and many more. In such a situation you can cover your loss from the travel insurance company. It covers expenses like all the medical expenses abroad or flying back home. Apart from that it also reimburses the money for your unplanned stay because of natural disasters. It also covers expenses of cancellation of your trip because of natural calamities.

8. Death During The Trip

If you unexpectedly died during your trip accidentally or because of severe illness, travel insurance will cover your all loss for sending you back to your country. For local cremation, it also pays all the expenses. And also for statutory arrangements and extra expenses of another person who is helping with your remains.

9. Emergency Cash Assistance

If you are on a short trip and if the theft incident occurred during the trip and your all cash and cards are stolen. In such a critical situation a travel insurance company will help you with whatever destination you are. Travel insurance helps you in various ways.

Hence you have seen the relevance of travel insurance. If you want to take a break from your busy schedule and spend your time with your family, friends, and colleagues in this pandemic situation, it’s beneficial to buy travel insurance domestic or overseas according to your need for safeguarding your trips. By paying a premium amount once you can freely travel to your favorite place. The policy will help you to save yourself from many risks and offers numerous benefits and advantages in emergencies.


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