SASE is The Best Computing Solution

SASE is The Best Computing Solution for the New Normal Way of Work


The manner in which businesses now operate and the new hybridization of work has seen information technology change dramatically over the last few years.

There are now more remote workers and or customers and clients accessing company applications and data from private devices or through the internet of things than ever before. This has necessitated a number of related cyber security improvements and changes that serve to protect and safeguard data in this new way of working.

The introduction of a secure access service edge (SASE) is one of the trending changes in computing for businesses based on these aforenoted adjustments in the way we work.

More endpoints now exist as more people need to access data from remote locations and on a variety of different devices. Thus, more access is required from numerous different endpoints such as mobile phones, smart devices, laptops, and desktops. All of these need to be secure, and a secure access service edge with built-in security is put forward as a long-term solution.

More flexibility and speed are also required from each of those accessing data from these numerous endpoints. Data and applications must be mobile and accessible, able to be used by a number of different users at the same time.

Changes in the Security Provided By SASE

A secure service edge provides for Improved breach detection and is an essential improvement that has been required for all those who use and operate on the internet and in the cloud. As soon as a data breach occurs, the company is at risk, and the fact that in 2018 it took an average company 200 days to detect the breach meant that a great deal of damage and major losses would have occurred before the breach could be stopped. This has changed dramatically, and with increased security protocols and edge-to-edge security offered through SASE, networks are more secure, and breaches can be spotted much quicker. 

Machine learning and improved virus definitions and understandings mean that these breaches can be spotted and stopped. The adage is that if you can’t stop the breach, then at least be able to spot the breach. This is made possible by improving the network and cloud-based security, both of which are linked to the adoption of a secure access service edge.

The secure access service edge (SASE), as described by Proofpoint is thus one of the best ways to achieve network security in a modern age. It is through the amalgamation of traditional IT infrastructure with cloud services to support the plethora of users and access locations. It serves to bundle network security with security as a service for all applications and to secure data access, merging security with Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) to create a single, unified cloud service. 

The aim is to provide the required security at the edge of the network or cloud, keeping it as close to the user as possible yet maintaining the security of the cloud services in a remote data center. All network and security tools can be managed as one function and all in a single management console. The Wider area Network (WAN) is much more securely protected and seamlessly so.

The Main Benefits of SASE 

  1. Security is at the edge where it’s needed most, allowing secure access from anywhere and providing the same level of security for all who access the network, no matter how far or close they are to the network.
  2. Strengthened security as it is more difficult for malicious users to gain entry to applications and data from the edges of the network, which were generally less secure than access from on-site or premises applications.
  3. Allows for the scaling up of all security protocols and allows for a zero-trust protocol to be instituted.
  4.  Improved effectiveness of security and network staff can be provided by SASE as all security is now offered from one platform and can be integrated and managed as one, rather than the need to provide separate security measures at each endpoint.

The end result is a multifaceted security system and function that is unaffected by where employees, customers, or clients are located and will require the same level of security for all. Furthermore, SASE provides a much easier and seamless way to manage security in a cloud-based application, from centralized controls all at the same time.


The way we work has changed forever. As such, how we protect and secure the most valuable of our businesses assets, our data, and information is also changing and becoming more precise. By engaging with SASE, you will be able to ensure that your security and cloud computing remain cutting edge as well as safe and secure. The ability to detect and stop data breaches and maintain network and cloud security are vital aspects of the new way of working and keeping abreast of the new.


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