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Travel Insurance for People Visiting Canada

Travel Insurance

If you are planning a trip to Canada based on visitor visa or are a super visa applicant or an immigrant planning to land in Canada, there is a need to have travel insurance. Whether you are on permanent visa or a temporary work permit, there is a need of insurance while visiting Canada.

If there is a need to travel to Canada in the IEC Working Holiday Visa, even then there is a requirement to have insurance that is for the entire duration of your work permit as part of plan to travel across the country. This is the insurance that will cover repatriation costs.

Provincial healthcare and medical cover for the employees or travelers tends not to cover these items hence there is a specific requirement of insurance while planning a trip to Canada. Many firms have policies built especially for the IEC market, which may include True Traveler Travel Insurance. People tend to visit world famous places in this second largest country as part of their holiday plan even they need travel insurance.

If you want to try out certain sport related activities like snowboarding or skiing there is all the more reason to go in for the insurance as for these activities it is important to ascertain that the insurance policy covers all aspects of any potential accident that may happen. Travel insurance would cover all aspects.

We are a company that provides best travel insurance in Calgary Canada. There is a special attention given to provide  travel insurance for visitors to Canada as there is a need to have travel insurance by the people planning to visit the country.

Availing Health Insurance

Permanent residents of Canada can go in for more comprehensive health insurance policies, which is more comprehensive than what is typically covered as part of travel insurance for Canadians in Calgary. Expatriate health insurance is one such insurance that ensures access to the best possible healthcare while living and working abroad. We are a leader in providing all these policies and including sufficient cover for all who are moving to Canada, regardless of nationality or age or gender.

Need of Travel Insurance for Canada

IEC Work Permit Holder Must Have the Insurance

Every year, there are numerous cases of people who are not issued with an IEC work permit because there was no Canadian travel insurance availed, making it all the more important to have this insurance. The rules clearly state that you must have insurance for the full duration of your work permit. Avail the benefits of insurance and work permit by visiting our consultant.

Buy Insurance for Proper Duration of Your Planned Stay in Canada

The rules have been made simple by the government; one cannot buy a three-month policy and then try to extend it to a two-year policy just to appease the immigration officer. In case you go in for a limited duration insurance say for six months in that case the officer can decide to issue the visa also for that duration only. This cannot get extended at a later date; hence the best choice for a person is to decide beforehand about the period of stay and go in for the insurance also for that entire length of time.

Provincial Insurance Does Not Provide Sufficient Coverage

Provincial insurance is not considered as appropriate and sufficient by federal immigration officers for people visiting the respective states. The reason is that it does not cover repatriation costs that are inclusive of flight to the home country in case a fatal incident like death happens or other important incidents. Other costs that have been excluded from provincial cover are dental accidents, ambulance, medications, medical devices like casts and crutches expenses, and any potential trip to the neighboring countries like USA or Mexico making it important to go in for the proper travel insurance that would cover all essential expenses.

Insurance as a Back Up to Avoid Worst Case Scenarios

The insurance is usually bought to avoid the worst-case scenario. Often, we feel it is a waste of money invested if that scenario actually does not happen. As a mature individual, there is a requirement to be responsible, as your family can find it difficult to manage expenses of hospital in the event of serious injury or even death, or repatriation back home. The solution is to have a proper travel insurance that will manage all major incidents that may be harmful.

Every individual wants a safe and secure life and stay and travel insurance is a backup that will ensure worst case scenarios do not happen and all people have a safe life and stay in Canada, the country of dreams for many.


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