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What Is State Bank of India CIF Number and How To Find It


Have you ever come across interrogations like, what is the CIF Number? How to find a CIF Number? Anyways, this write-up has all the signs as well as relevant information in context to the CIF Number. Moreover, in this article, we will let you know about How to know SBI CIF numbers. Through this write-up, we will make you familiar with the term CIF Number.

What does the CIF Number mean?

CIF number is a 9 to 11-digit number that comprises all the pertinent information of customers imparted in digital form. Whenever the customer starts an account he/she will receive a CIF Number from the bank.

CIF number is very helpful to the bank, as it perceives customer ownership verification, personal information, etc. However, in layman’s language, CIF Number is an online database of banking customers.

CIF number is the composition of the information in an E-Form, the heads are listed below:

  1. Date of Birth
  2. Account Number
  3. Nominee Name
  4. Credit history
  5. Account Opening Date
  6. Your details.
  7. Type of account

 What is the full form of CIF?

CIF Number is abbreviated to “Customer Information File”.

 How to get a CIF number?

 One can get a CIF Number with just my eyes shut. There are a few ways to get a CIF number. CIF numbers can be found in both offline and online mediums.

Ways to fetch CIF Numbers are listed below:

  1. Internet Banking
  2. Bank Passbook
  3. Chequebook
  4. Bank Helpline
  5. Bank branch

Hopefully, now you have comprehended the concept of CIF numbers. Let’s discuss the procedure to accumulate the CIF Number of SBI I. e. State Bank of India.

Before this let us gather some information regarding the CIF Number in the context of the SBI Account.

What is the CIF Number in the State Bank of India Account?

SBI CIF number is an 11-digit number and that is given only to those, who do banking with SBI. This 11-digit CIF number contains the banking information of all the SBI account holders in an E-Format i. e. electronic format.

What are the online & offline ways to get SBI CIF Numbers?

One can get an SBI CIF Number through the mediums listed below:

  1. Through SMS Services
  2. Through the SBI welcome kit
  3. Through Internet Banking
  4. Through branch visit
  5. Through the YONO Lite application
  6. Through Toll-free helpline number
  7. Through Debit Card

Let us acknowledge the procedure to discover the SBI CIF number in length:

How to get the CIF number of the State Bank of India through SMS?

There is no particular number for SMS available to fetch the SBI CIF Number through SMS. But we have issued some attributes down so that one can get the CIF Number of SBI via SMS. Firstly, send a request to SBI for an e-statement through SMS with your registered mobile number or email. Once you get your SBI e-statement you can locate your SBI CIF number on it.

How to find the CIF number on the SBI Welcome Kit?

The SBI Welcome kit underpins a Chequebook and a Passbook.

Your SBI checkbook helps you to find the State Bank of India’s CIF number. It’s located on the initial page of your checkbook that contains all the information of the user inside. It is usually located in the checkbook just above your account number.

Similarly, you can look out for your SBI Bank passbook to search for your CIF number. It is always printed on the first page of your bank passbook.

Know the CIF number of SBI through Net banking

SBI has entrenched itself in providing the best E-Banking services so far. They allow their customers to check account CIF numbers with the online medium when they do not have the bank gear like a checkbook or passbook with them.

The steps to know your State Bank of India CIF number through Internet Banking have been provided below.

  • Visit the following State Bank of India Internet Banking link.
  • Click the login option and visit the “Personal Banking” section.
  • Tap on the “Continue to login” option on the very next page.
  • Now, to enter your account credentials a login form will appear on your screen. However, the bank has also provided the “Enable Virtual Keyboard” option to add more safety to your account. With this option, a screen keyboard will appear that allows you to enter the login information.
  • After login, you will see “Transaction Accounts”. Under this option, you will find the “View nomination and Pan details” menu. Click on it.
  • The CIF number for your SBI account will be displayed under the “Nomination and Pan details”. 

How to get the SBI CIF number through a branch visit?

 Go to the nearby SBI branch and carry your identity proof, enquire about your CIF number from the inquiry desk executive, and provide him/her with your identity proof and bank account number. Hence you will get your CIF Number in hand. 

Check the CIF Number of SBI through the YONO SBI Lite App

The next way to check the CIF number of SBI online is the YONO SBI Lite Application. YONO app users can check their SBI CIF number via the steps given down.

  • Prior one has to register their account first with the YONO SBI Lite app.
  • Now you need to open the “YONO SBI Lite” application on your smartphone.
  • Log in to the “YONO SBI Lite” app through your banking credentials.
  • Hover over to the menu options, and click the “Services” option.
  • Go to the “Online nomination” option.
  • On the next page choose an account type and select Account from the drop-down menu.
  • The CIF number for your State Bank account will be displayed in the respective column.

Get the CIF Number of SBI through the toll-free helpline number

The customary way to check the CIF number of SBI is Net banking and passbook but if one is not registered to net banking or does not have a passbook, then he/she can get a CIF number through a helpline number.

The toll-free helpline number of the State Bank of India is yet another best option to find the SBI CIF number. The 24×7 helpline number of SBI is 1800-11-2211, 1800-425-3800, or 080-26599990. These numbers can be accessed by all the landlines and cell phones across India.

How to get a State Bank of India CIF Number via Debit Card?

For this process, the major prerequisite is that one should have an SBI debit card and, a registered mobile number.

Visit the official website of SBI  and further steps are listed below.

  • If one is using it with a mobile phone, don’t forget to convert it into a desktop site.
  • As soon as he/she pings into the website, will get an interface, there tap the option of “more useful links”.
  • Post clicking the “more useful links” option you have to tap the “Register/ update your email ID” button.
  • After that user will enter into a page where he/she has to enter *account number” and “CAPTCHAcode” visible on the screen and submit it.
  • As the user submits the CAPTCHA code, he/she will come to the next interface where they will be required to enter the OTP (one-time password) received on the mobile phone and submit.
  • The user will enter into the page where his/her active card number and the name will be displayed. Tap on the confirm option.
  • When the user confirms this, he/she will come across an interface where he/she will enter their card validity, Cardholder name, ATM PIN, and CAPTCHA code and enter on proceed.
  • Users will enter into a new page where they have to enter their updated e-mail ID and submit. You will receive an SMS with an updated email ID.

After this download the “SBI QUICK” App. Open on your mobile phone.

  • Go to Account services
  • From their tap on Deposit Interest.

From here, the user will receive DI Form i. e. Deposit Interest Form, on his/her mail in PDF format. In this form, the user can track down his/her CIF number.


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