Bandhan Bank Net Banking Registration

Bandhan Bank Net Banking: Registration, Login and Reset Password


The popularity of online banking has increased recently; according to surveys, many people choose net banking rather than going to a physical location. Why are internet banking services so attractive? Net banking allows you to monitor and manage your transactions in real time. Long lineups and losing track of your financial statements can become things of the past once you start to do net banking. So, Bandhan Bank offers you Net Banking services in addition to the ease and security of online fund transfer services. We’ve covered the operation of Bandhan Bank net banking and its features, along with Bandhan Bank internet banking registration and login procedure for reaching your financial objectives in this article below.

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How to do Bandhan Bank Net Banking Registration?

Customers must register to use the Bandhan Bank Online Banking service. The procedures for Bandhan Bank net banking registration are as follows:

  • Go to the official portal of Bandhan Netbanking and choose new registration.
  • Select “Internet Banking” or “Corporate Internet Banking.”
  • Select the New User Sign Up.
  • Read the terms and conditions and click to submit.
  • Select the registration option using the ATM’s reference number, PIN, or debit card.
  • Choose “Continue” after inserting the captcha, CIF, and reference number.
  • Enter debit card information, then Select “Continue” from the menu.
  • On the registered number, enter the OTP you received and submit it.
  • The user will be prompted to set a password for their Bandhan Bank Net Banking registration account. Enter the password and continue.
  • Your registration process for Bandhan Bank net banking is complete after this.

Bandhan Bank Net Banking Login Process

The following procedures can be used by any Bandhan Bank client who has registered for net banking services to access the Bandhan Net Banking portal:

  • Click the “Login” button after going to “”
  • Click on “Internet Banking”.
  • Click “Continue to Login” after entering the User ID on the Bandhan Net Banking login page.
  • Enter the password and the registered mobile number.
  • When generating the OTP, click the “Validate” button.
  • To access the Bandhan Bank net banking account, submit the OTP.

Bandhan Bank Corporate Internet Banking Login Process

After registering, Bandhan Bank Corporate Banking customers can access their Bandhan Bank Netbanking account. To log into Bandhan Bank Corporate Banking, follow the following steps:

  • Click the “Login” button after visiting “”
  • Choose “Corporate Internet Banking.”
  • Enter the User ID and Company ID on the following page.
  • Click to log in to Corporate Net Banking at Bandhan Bank. 

How to Reset Your Password for Bandhan Bank Net Banking?

The following describes the step-by-step procedure for changing the Bandhan Net Banking login password:

  • Go to the Bandhan net banking login page. Business users can log in to Corporate Internet Banking by visiting this link “”
  • Select the option “Forgot password.”
  • A new popup will be displayed on the screen where the customer needs to enter the desired information.
  • Enter the OTP delivery to RMN after validation of the details
  • A password reset prompt will appear for the user. Make a password, then submit it.
  • Users can now access their Bandhan Bank net banking account using their newly generated password.

Documents Needed for Bandhan Bank Net Banking

Only some documents are needed for Bandhan Bank Net banking registration. However, a registration form containing specific details must be filled out.

These are the following:

  • Activated Cell Phone Number
  • Number of Bank Accounts
  • Details about the ATM card, country name, branch code, and CIF number
  • Pan Card

Bandhan Bank Net Banking Mobile App

Registered customers can access the Bandhan Bank mobile app and Bandhan Netbanking services through it.

  • Download and sign up for the mBandhan mobile application to get started.
  • Once you’ve created your Bandhan net banking login PIN, you’re done with it.
  • Use this app for every service listed in the preceding section.

Services Offered by Bandhan Bank Net Banking  

After UPI the financial sector had taken a very great boom but the use of Net banking was quite more acceptable in financial planning. Clients can take advantage of the following choices by using the Bandhan net banking services the bank offers.

Financial Statements
  • Check Balance
  • Recent account transactions
  • Connected accounts status
  • Account statements
Cash Deposit
  • Open FD or RD
  • Check the status of the FR
  • Select nominee
Money Transfer
  • RTGS, NEFT, and IMPS
  • Allowed to transfer funds to other banks also
  • Set transaction limits
  • Add or remove a beneficiary
Additional Services
  • Get new checkbook
  • Stop check
  • Check the book status
  • Link account with Adhaar and PAN card
  • Pay utility bills
  • Manage account passwords, etc.

How to Contact Bandhan Bank Customer Service?

If you have any queries related to using Bandhan Bank services or you are stuck at any point related to the services of the bank you can contact the bank at the details below::

  • Customer care’s email address
  • 1800-258-8181 is the customer service helpline number.
  • 033-4409-9090 is the customer service number.
  • 033-4090-3333 and 033-6633-3333
  • Green PIN for Debit Card: 033-6609-6709, 033-4090-2222

Head Office Location:12–14 floors, Adventz Infinity@5, BN 5, Salt Lake City, Kolkata 700091, sector V.

Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday, excluding the second and fourth Saturdays; 033-6609-0909


This article gives you a list of Bandhan Bank net banking process. Before proceeding to Netbanking you must know what type of account in Bandhan Bank you have after a successful login enjoy hassle-free banking from the comfort of your home. 

Bandhan Bank Net Banking – FAQs

Is there a transaction fee at Bandhan Bank?

Ans. Although no fees are associated with Bandhan Bank Netbanking, fund transfer regulations will impose payments on the fund, not net banking services.

Can I use Internet banking to apply for a checkbook?

Ans. Yes, this feature is available through the Bandhan Bank Netbanking. Applying for a checkbook via a net banking account is possible.

Can I access Internet banking outside of the bank’s office hours?

Ans. Yes, Bandhan Netbanking is accessible around the clock. You can access your account and perform all banking tasks whenever you want.

Can I use Bandhan Netbanking services to make payments?

Ans. Yes, you can use Bandhan Bank internet banking process for transferring money via NEFT IMPS or RTGS.

What should be done with the mobile number not linked to Bandhan’s bank account?

Ans. All you need to do is visit the nearest Bandhan bank branch to get your mobile number updated.


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