best investment books for beginners

Best Investment Books for Beginners 2021-22

Books are a great way to learn and gain knowledge on technical and professional topics. One such topic is Investment. Investing books for beginners can help the newcomers understand how the financial market works and what are the pre-requisites to start investing in any investment instrument. Best Investment Books for beginners may sound boring or […]

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tips to prevent chit fund frauds

How to Prevent Chit Fund Frauds?

One of India’s oldest native financial institutions, Chit funds are regulated by the Chit Funds Act, 1982, a central statute, and various State-specific regulations. Many unlisted companies operate among family members, a closed social group, or friends as an ancient financial instrument. These are often riskier than registered chit funds as any regulatory body doesn’t […]

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Reasons to Start Investing in Large Cap Funds in 2021

Investment patterns keep changing every year depending upon the market conditions. Some investors follow trends, while some consider their theories to decide which investment option is the best. As of 2021, experts are highly recommending large-cap funds investment. This category of funds invests extensively in firms with large market capitalisation. The best large cap mutual […]

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