Benefits of Employee Self Service Portal (ESS)

5 Benefits of Employee Self Service Portal (ESS)

Are you looking to revolutionize your organization’s HR processes and streamline employee management? Look no further than the Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal-an innovative solution that empowers your workforce and enhances operational efficiency. In this information-driven era, companies are seeking ways to optimize their resources while providing employees with seamless access to essential HR services. The […]

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Working Capital

How to Calculate Working Capital and Why It’s Important?

Whether you are new to applying for a business loan or have done it multiple times, the initial thing that your lender will look at is your working capital. Your working capital is what is left of your current assets after you pay off your current liabilities—it’s essentially your company’s short-term financial health. Lenders want […]

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Commercial Mortgage Interest

Accounting for Commercial Mortgage Interest as a Business Expense

Whether a trading premise or a rental investment, financing a property purchase can be fairly complex if you’re applying through a limited company – but a broker can make the process far more streamlined! Facts You Need to Know About Business Buy to Let Mortgages There are a few key facts to be conscious of, […]

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Download Invoice Template in Excel, Word, PDF

Free Invoice Template: Download Invoice Template in Excel, Word, PDF

In the earlier days, people used to receive bills on paper. With modernization, everything changed. The bills that we receive today are all online and come in the form of invoices. The invoice format of such invoices is in Word, Excel, or pdf format. The invoice template free download is available for all in the […]

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