10 Best Day Trading Stocks 2022

10 Best Day Trading Stocks 2024


Buying and selling of shares of any company are known as the trading of stocks. An equity instrument that carries the ownership interest is known as stock. The net position of the stocks at the end of the day should be Zero. Buying and selling of those stocks on the same day refer to intraday trading or day trading strategies. One can buy and sell the positions of the stocks in a company using the day trading tips that we will describe in this article. One can also sell the stock and then buy it back on the same day. It is a great way of trading stocks as day trading for beginners. Now, let’s figure out day trading the 10 best day trading stocks, and the best stocks in detail.

What Is Day Trading?

With the rise in the number of Demat accounts, there is an increase in best stocks for day trading. As compared to traditional brokers, discount brokers charge a very nominal fee to provide their services like day trading for beginners and day trading strategies. Best stocks for day trading are at a peak during the pandemic season. As more and more people stay at home and show interest in the day-to-day trading of stocks, they seek day trading tips.

Soon everyone will be able to understand what day trading is. This all led them to generate a cash flow for regular income. Best-day trading stocks follow the same-day trading time frame. 

For day trading beginners and other regular traders, typically, they hold the best stocks for day trading for a few hours a day, while actively monitoring the trades offered for the best day trading stocks. Same-day trading of stocks, shares, and other instruments to get the benefits of stock price movements every day using day trading strategies is known as intraday trading.

Due to the internet raiding of the stocks, a trader does not risk keeping the stocks overnight because it can hamper the benefits or returns on the same day for day trading for beginners. We hope with the article, we will be able to give justice to the question- what is day trading?

Best day trading stocks or best stocks for day trading are available in cash, futures and options, commodity or currency derivatives. 

Profits and losses in day trading for beginners affect human psychology, while futures and options, also known as F&O, allow individuals to take leveraged positions in stocks unavailable in F&O.

Top 10 Day Trading Stock in India

S.No. Stock Names Market Capital
1 Bajaj Finance Rs. 4,10,000+ crores
2 Bandhan Bank Rs. 4300+ crores
3 Axis Bank Rs. 2,03,417 crores
4 Bharti Airtel Rs. 3,90,000 crores
5 IndusInd Bank Rs. 70,000 crores
6 Jindal Steel and Power Rs. 35,000 crores
7 Indiabulls housing financing Rs. 70,000 crores
8 RBL Bank Rs. 11000 crores
9 Tata Motors Rs. 1,60,000 crores
10 Zee entertainment enterprises Rs. 500 + crores

10 Best Stocks For Day Trading

Now that we have covered what day trading is, here are the best stocks for day trading or best day trading stocks.

1. Bajaj Finance

The intraday trading stock list refers to the company’s stock as the best day stock trading. They are using day trading strategies. It is one of the largest consumer finance segments in India. It has a market capitalization of Rs. 4,10,000+ Crores and its stock has an average daily trading volume of 9+ lacs. It provides services like consumer finance, SME, commercial, and rural lending. 

2. Bandhan Bank 

It is the fastest-growing Indian banking and financial company in India. The company headquarters is in Kolkata, West Bengal. Bandhan Bank’s capital is capped at Rs. 43000+ Crores and 1 stock has an average daily trading volume of 85+ lacs. They use a lot of day trading strategies The bank has 986 branches and 3,014 Doorstep Service Centers (DSCs). 

3. Axis Bank 

It has the best day trading stocks for intraday trading tomorrow. I recommend Axis Bank’s stocks as one of the best stocks mentioned in the best intraday stocks list. Axis Bank has a market capital capped at Rs. 2,03,417 Crores where its one stock has an average daily trading volume of 239+ lac shares. Axis Bank has 4580+ branches, a wide network of ATMs, and 10+ international offices. It has the best stocks for intraday trading, according to the intraday stocks list.

4. Bharti Airtel 

The intraday trading stocks list mentions the best day trading stocks of this company whose turnover is capped at Rs. 3,90,000 Crores. It’s one stock that has an average daily trading volume of 200+ lac shares. This company operates in 18 countries spread between and across South Asia and Africa and uses day trading strategies. Best stocks for intraday trading are selected from the best intraday stocks list. 

5. Indusind Bank 

It is a new-generation bank in Pune, Maharashtra. It was established in 1994. IndusInd Bank’s market cap is Rs. 70,000+ Cr. It’s one stock that has an average daily trading volume of 150+ lac shares.

Stocks of this company are considered among the best in the intraday stocks list and are regarded as the top day trading stocks using day trading strategies.

6. Jindal Steel and Power 

It is an Indian steel and energy company based in Hisar. It has a turnover of approx. US$ 5.5 billion. It plays in the fields of steel, power, mining, oil and gas, and infrastructure in India and uses day trading strategies. Jindal Steel and Power’s market capitalization is Rs. 35,000+ crores. It’s one stock that has an average daily trading volume of 65+ lacs. These stocks are considered to be one of the best day trading stocks in the market.

7. Indiabulls Housing Financing  

It is a mortgage lender company. Its headquarters is in New Delhi. Indiabulls Housing Financing is a housing finance company that has a market cap of Rs. 11,000+ Crores using some day trading strategies. Its one stock has an average daily trading volume of 230+ lac shares. Hence, traders prefer the best stocks for day trading from this company.

8. RBL Bank 

It is an Indian private-sector bank. RBL was founded in 1943 and its headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It has a market cap of Rs. 11,000+ Crores. RBL one stock has an average daily trading volume of 87+ lac shares. Hence, it has the best day trading stocks for intraday trading whilst using all kinds of great day trading strategies.

9. TATA Motors

It is an Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company. The headquarters of Tata Motors is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. They use day trading strategies almost every day. It is a part of the Tata Group companies with USD 113 billion in turnovers. The company operates in the UK, South Korea, Thailand, South Africa, and Indonesia with the best stocks for day trading. According to the intraday trading stocks list, with a market capitalization of Rs 1,60,000+ crores, Tata Motors’ stock has an average daily turnover of more than 1300+ crores. 

10. Zee Entertainment Enterprises 

It is a media and entertainment broadcasting company. Essel Group manages Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited. It also operates the record label of Zee Music Company and the film studio of Zee Studios and has the best day trading stocks. Intraday trading stocks list lists there 1 share for an average turnover of more than 500+ crores using many day trading strategies. The best stocks for day trading mention that Zee’s share has a daily trading volume of 190+ lac shares.

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Is Day Trading Illegal?

No, day trading is not illegal. Using day trading strategies and day trading tips, traders can invest in the best day trading stocks in the market. Then no one will ask what day trading is, as they can easily manage their stocks with Intraday trading. Intra-trading is the best day trading for beginners using day trading strategies as they can get experience and confidence to go for bigger sharks(stocks) later without any hesitation. It is 100% legit. 

Most of the day, traders are trading their stocks for zero commissions. Using day trading tips for the best day trading stocks from the internet or any professional broker can lead to the benefits of intraday trading for beginners in the world of day trading for beginners.

Day Trading Stocks – FAQs

What are the Strategies Involved in Day Trading For Beginners?

Ans. Setting aside some funds every month, starting small, and being realistic about profits and losses are the few strategies that are involved in day trading for beginners.

What is Day Trading?

Ans. To understand what day trading is, one needs to understand that stock trading is available for the short and long term. Holding funds for the short term or just a day is called day trading.

List Any Five Characteristics of Intraday Day Trading For Beginners.

Ans. The primary objective is to Generate higher returns fast by trading high-volatile assets, frequent trade frequency, technical analysis, Stock screeners- Level II tools, and a management fee of $0 are the five characteristics of intraday day trading for beginners.

How Does Day Trading Work?

Ans. A day trader must know when to exit the trade before even opening it and they need to be fast to benefit from market volatility and price spikes.

How to Limit Losses When Day Trading For Beginners?

Ans. Considering a good amount of liquidity, volatility, and trading volumes will limit losses when day trading for beginners.


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