10 Ways To Save Money on a Low Income

10 Ways To Save Money on a Low Income


Saving for low-income group people is an impossible task. The regular living expenses drain all the salary even before the next salary day. However, if you save even the smallest amount every month smartly, you can eventually gather a reasonable sum of money in savings.

If you pay some attention to the daily expenses, you will find many ways to cut down the expenses and figure out the best ways to save money. Let’s proceed and learn about the Ways To Save Money on a Low Income.

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10 Tips to Save Money on a Low Income

Here, we have discussed the top 10 ways how to save more money:

1. Create a budget and follow it strictly

Budgeting feels like you are limiting yourself, but it helps you control your expenses and avoid careless expenditures. Making a budget helps you to understand where you must spend your salary. This money-saving method enables you to bridge the gap between your goals and actual saving. It’s better to start planning your budget today and divide your salary accordingly. This is the best way to save money.

2. Make a habit of saving regularly

Keep aside your saving amount just like you do for bills. So, set aside your saving amount on the monthly salary day as a habit. No matter whether the amount is small or huge, make it your regular habit. You can also invest this amount in guaranteed savings plans, ULIPs, etc.

Emergencies can occur anytime, so consider the emergency factor while planning your savings. Make a plan according to the situation; for example, if your father is aging, you might need the amount for his treatment, or you might need to fulfill your child’s healthcare, etc. A lot your saving accordingly.

If you make saving a part of your life, you will never face a shortage of money in an emergency. This is one of the 10 Ways To Save Money on a Low Income, which will help you in the long run.

3. Buy insurance for the future of your family

You must learn to invest your money in life insurance and other saving plans to protect your family and yourself against emergencies. These money-saving methods can help you generate good wealth and enable you to meet financial goals such as owning a house, child marriage, education, etc.

There are many saving plans to help you meet your savings requirements and make you future-ready while building your wealth.

4. Cut down on your house expenses

Experts say the housing expense should be 30% of your monthly income. For example, if you earn Rs. 50,0000 per month, your house expenses should not exceed Rs. 15000. This method, among the 10 ways to save money, can help you make a fixed budget for your house expenses. If your house budget is more than 30%, you might use money on useless things. You must look deeper at your house expenses and try to downsize as much as possible.

5. Invest time in food budgeting

Temptations on food make it impossible to stick to the budget for food. According to research, Indian people spend 3.5% of their daily income on food plates. However, you must resist your temptations to reduce food expenses. This method on how to save more money helps you to focus on planning your budget if you belong to a low-income group.

6. Downsize your unnecessary expenses

Looking deeper into your monthly expenses, you will find many unnecessary expenditures. Look for:

  • Subscriptions that are not required
  • Expensive plans for your mobile phone
  • Unnecessary entertainment expenditures

Cutting down unnecessary expenses is an effective method on ways to save money effectively and quickly.

7. Opt for an automatic saving transfer

The automatic saving transfer is an effective money-saving method that transfers a fixed amount of money automatically into your saving account on a pre-decided date. One such plan on how to save more money using automatic transfer is a recurring account. It sends a specific amount of money from one account to another at a fixed interval. For the low-income group people, monthly interval works the best.

You can fix a date for fund transfer and set the duration, for example, for 1 year to 10 years. This method among the 10 Ways To Save Money on a Low Income ensures that you save even if you are busy and saving slipped off your mind. To open a recurring account, log on to your bank’s online customer platform and request a recurring deposit account.

8. Earn a bank bonus

Many banks offer a sign-up bonus upon opening the account. This is an effective method for how to save more money where you can earn a good amount of money while considering the terms and conditions of the bank, such as minimum deposit, ongoing minimum balance, account charges, and bonus distribution.

9. Join a side job

Now the question arises, how will you progress when you cut down the expenses? For this, you need to look for a side gig. It helps you to increase your earning and add to your savings. This is also the easiest way how to save more money.

10. Cancel your subscription or opt for the cheaper one

Everyone uses streaming accounts, but limiting them is essential. List don your ongoing subscriptions and their cost. Now, check how much you use and how much goes to waste. If you find unnecessary subscriptions, cancel them and opt for cheaper ones.


While building your saving and planning the journey toward financial independence, take a minute to assess your financial standing. After a thorough insight into your finance, adopt the above-listed Ways to Save Money on a Low Income.


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