Financial Management Books

Best Financial Management Books 2021

The United Nation conducted the survey and questioned people related to finance, surprisingly only 52% of people answered. This concludes that only a few people have information about financial management but now people are getting more aware of financial literacy in the UN and other countries gradually. There are many best financial management books offering […]

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The Ultimate Guide on Bank Identification Number

BIN Code – The Ultimate Guide on Bank Identification Number

Numerous vendors, organizations, and buyers depend on layaway and check cards for the day by day exchanges. In any case, with the rising notoriety of cards comes the expanded danger of instances of extortion, which could spell fiasco for traders when chargeback proportions rise and benefits fall. Thus, safety efforts are set up to ensure […]

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Importance of Portfolio management

What is Portfolio Management? Importance of Portfolio Management

In this blog, I want to answer the question of What is portfolio management and Why it is so important. But first, we need to understand what a portfolio is. A portfolio is more like a collection of programs or projects and other work that are categorized together to enable effective management of that work, […]

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Financial Planning Tips for Beginners

25 Financial Planning Tips for Beginners

We’ve absolutely amassed an abundance of information throughout the long term covering the cash beat—be it the many “I escaped obligation” examples of overcoming adversity we’ve highlighted to the scores of mental investigations we’ve secured connecting better monetary dynamics to conduct change. So, given that it’s Financial Literacy Month, we’ve concluded that there is no […]

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How Salary Cut Impacts Your PF Corpus and Gratuity

How Salary Cut Impacts Your PF Corpus and Gratuity?

Retirement benefits such as EPF contribution and gratuity are calculated based on the basic salary and dearness allowance of the employee. Hence, a cut or change in the salary structure may have bigger impacts on similar benefits. The spread of Covid19 has impacted the economy in multiple ways. A lot of businesses are facing financial […]

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