Things to Know before Applying for a Personal Loan

Things to Know before Applying for a Personal Loan


Personal loans have always been a popular loan option among people because it is an instant loan that people can easily get without collateral. Some banks and lenders can give you personal loans and meet your instant needs. Whether one requires money for a medical emergency, wedding expenses, or one child’s education or other, personal loans are the best loan to avail of.

However, due to their unsecured type of loan, in addition, they have better interest rates as compared to different loans, and it is important to consider some important things before taking a personal loan. In this blog, we are going to tell you the essential things you should do before taking a personal loan.

What are Personal Loans?

Personal loans are unsecured loans and don’t require collateral. It is an instant loan that people can easily get. The borrowers do not need to submit collateral to get this loan. Also, borrowers with no credit score or low credit score are eligible to get this loan.

Things to Consider When Applying for a Personal Loan

However, there are some important things to consider before you apply for a personal loan. By thinking about important factors, you may make informed decisions regarding your loan and meet your economic and financial needs. 

1. Consider your needs to choose the proper loan amount

Make a listing of all your needs, after which prioritize which of the needs you’ll fulfill with a loan. Some common reasons for taking a personal loan are buying a car, for wedding expenses, addressing a medical emergency, or planning a vacation. Based on the costs and charges related to your needs, you could decide the loan amount you need to avail.

2. Maintain a good credit score

An applicant’s credit score is one of the most vital elements a lender considers when applying for a personal loan. Credit scores range from 300 to 850 and are based on elements like credit history, amount of debt, and duration of credit history. Many lenders have a personal loan credit score requirement of at least 600 to consider you eligible and give a personal loan.

3. Research Lenders

Not all lenders are equal, and interest rates and terms can vary accordingly. It’s essential to research more than one lender, which includes banks, credit unions, and online loan lenders, to know what personal loans give. Consider factors consisting of interest rates, costs, compensation terms, and customer opinions to choose a good lender.

4. Interest Rate on Loan

Interest rate is also one of the crucial things to consider before applying for a personal loan. Ensure you know the interest rates on the loan a lender offers before availing it. The ROI can range from 5% to 10% per month.

As an example, let’s say deciding to borrow INR 5,000 from a bank, and the interest rate is 5%. If the interest for your loan is INR 90 a month. It will take you over 2 years to pay it off. The longer it takes to pay off the loan, the more interest may be charged. On the other hand, a personal loan from a company that gives lower interest rates may require you to pay less in interest over time.

5. Assess all fees

Along with the EMI and interest payments, it’s important to take all the extra expenses into account that are included in the loan amount. It includes the prepayment fees, processing fees, late fees, etc. A borrower needs to only apply for a personal loan after they can repay the whole loan amount.

6. Beware of Hidden Fees

Don’t take a loan from a lender who applies hidden expenses to your loan, and do not follow transparency in the loan process. Some creditors encompass those fees in the APR, at the same time as others might not. So, it is suggested that borrowers check loan settlements carefully and ask questions before applying. If anything is unclear, don’t hesitate to seek clarification from the lender. It is wise to choose a trustworthy and famous lender always to get a personal loan.

7. Measure your repayment ability

You should measure your loan repayment ability before taking a personal loan. Borrowers need to have a plan to estimate their monthly EMI. You can estimate your debt repayment and financial duties to determine your ability to repay the loan amount on time.

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There are many types of personal loans relying on the purpose of the loan. The complexity of these loans can range from a small amount to a large amount to meet financial needs. A personal loan is useful for all types of expenses. It has a low-interest rate for all varieties of credit score borrowers.


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