British Pound Exchange Rate

British Pound Exchange Rate Today: 1 Pound to INR


The Pound Exchange rate in India today is 1.00 GBP= 100.44 INR. The pound exchange rate today will differ from the pound exchange rate to the INR of tomorrow. However, it is difficult to tell the exact UK pound to INR rate or British Pound Exchange Rate. As the Pound rate, today in India keeps fluctuating every second.

 In This article, we will know about the Pound Exchange rate today and the Pound exchange rate today in India.

British Pound: Overview, History

The currency of the United Kingdom is officially called British Pound. The United Kingdom also has an official central bank that is named as Bank of England. The British pound also set the IMF’s special drawing rights. According to the data of 2019, sterling is among the top currency reserves in the world. The pound is also known by different names. Some of the names of these British official currencies are Sterling, cable, Quid, Pound Sterling, and Nicker. The British Pound is among the most known currencies in the world and comes in the top fourth most-traded currencies across the world.

The first pound that came into existence was in the year 760. It was first introduced in the financial market as a silver penny. Later Pound was mixed and had pure silver around 92.5%. It was famous as a sterling pound at that time. It was the only coin that was in use in Britain until an alternative, the shilling, was launched in 1487. The pound was introduced two years later.

The Bank of England is famous and is among the first central banks across the globe. Earlier the notes were written by hand.  But in the year 1855, the notes were printed. With the introduction of gold conversion and its influence in the trading world, Britain also followed the gold standard. Britain saw immense growth in its industry till the year 1914.

These countries became a sterling area that led to the popularity of the British Pound. However, the economic dominance of the US affected the British economy negatively. The pound saw a decline in its value around the year 1040. A devaluation was introduced to the Pound after 9 years. 

Mentioned the Overview of the British Pound

Currency Name British Pound
Abbreviation  GBP
Nickname Sterling, cable, Quid, Pound Sterling, and Nicker
Nickname £
Unit 1/100 Penny 
Unit Symbol  p
Frequently Used Coins 1 penny, 2 pence, 5 pence, 10 pence, 20 pence, 50 pence, 1 pound, 2 pounds
Frequently Used Bank Notes £5, £10, £20, £50, and £100.
Central Bank, Name & Website Central Bank of England |
Central Bank Pound exchange rate 0.10
Inflation  2.70%
Countries that use the British Pound Britain

UK Pound to INR: Selling and Buying of Currencies

According to the market data, the official currency of the UK is most converted into USD. You can convert the pound exchange rate to INR with the help of a currency converter online. INR is the official currency code of the Indian Rupee. The currency rate means the price of the said currency when it is being sold or purchased through the currency exchange market. These exchange rates are not the same and depend on the institutions or money changers. There are government banks that can convert your pound to INR. You can also contact a licensed entity for this purpose. 

Mainly the licensed money changers offer higher pound exchange rates due to the rivalry in the market. you can buy a pound at a given price from an exchanger. If you want to sell your pound then you can contact these authorized entities to gain an average price.

 In the table ahead, we have mentioned the UK pound to INR rate.

S 100.456 INR
5 GBP 502.278 INR
10 GBP 1,004.56 INR
25 GBP 2,511.39 INR
50 GBP 5,022.78 INR
100 GBP 10,045.6 INR
500 GBP 50,227.8 INR
1,000 GBP 100,456 INR
5,000 GBP 502,278 INR
10,000 GBP 1,004,560 INR
50,000 GBP 5,022,780 INR

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British Pound Exchange Rate Today in India

We have mentioned the Pound rate today in Delhi and India in the table mentioned below-

1 INR 0.00995541 GBP
5 INR 0.0497771 GBP
10 INR 0.0995541 GBP
25 INR 0.248885 GBP
50 INR 0.497771 GBP
100 INR 0.995541 GBP
500 INR 4.97771 GBP
1,000 INR 9.95541 GBP
5,000 INR 49.7771 GBP
10,000 INR 99.5541 GBP
50,000 INR 497.771 GBP

Past Pound Exchange Rate in Comparison to Pound Exchange Rate Today

As you know, the Pound Exchange Rate today will differ from the old pound exchange rate to INR. We have mentioned the old UK Pound or British Pound Exchange Rate to INR rate to help you with the pound rate today in India.

UK Pound to INR Rate Last 30 Days Last 90 Days
High  101.50 103.61
Low 99.191 99.191
Average  100.21 101.01
Fluctuation  0.36% 0.36%

British Pound Denominations

We have mentioned some denominations for the British Pound in India-

British Pound (GBP) Indian Rupee (INR)
1 GBP 100.5908
5 GBP 502.954
10 GBP 1005.908
20 GBP                 2011.816
25 GBP 2514.77
50 GBP 5029.54
100 GBP 10059.08
200 GBP 20118.16
250 GBP 25147.7
300 GBP 30177.24
500 GBP 50295.4
1000 GBP 100590.8
2000 GBP 201181.6
1500 GBP 150886.2
3000 GBP 301772.4
5000 GBP 502954
10,000 GBP 1005908
50,000 GBP 5029540
100,000 GBP 10059080
1 million GBP 100590800

British Pound Exchange Rate – FAQs

When was the first time when the British Pound was introduced?

Ans. The British Pound has a long history. It was first introduced around the year 775 in England. The weight of this currency was equal to the one-pound silver. The first person to introduce a national currency named “sterling” was Athelstan, who is known as the first King of England.

What was the year when the Bank of England was Established?

Ans. Founded in 1694, the Central Bank of England was established as a private bank. It is also famous as one of the first banks established in early history.

How can you explain the Pound Rate today in India?

Ans. The Pound rate today in Delhi keeps fluctuating every second. If you want to know the correct pound rate today in Delhi then you can take the help of online websites. The Pound rate today in India helps investors and traders to get the best price on their exchange rates.

What was the reason for the establishment of the Bank of England?

Ans. The Bank of England was not a public entity. The main reason for its establishment was to collect money to wage a war against France.

Who issued the charter allowing the establishment of the Bank of England?

Ans. King William and Queen Mary issued the charter that allowed the establishment of the Bank of England. The reason for its establishment was stated as public interest and welfare.

What does the Pound exchange Rate to INR mean?

Ans. The Pound exchange rate to INR simply means how much one can earn after converting one’s original currency to another one.

Can the Pound rate today in Delhi help me know the currency rate of tomorrow?

Ans. The Pound rate today in Delhi can help you understand the current trend for the pound. You can follow the past pound rate today in Delhi to track the price performance of INR against the pound and vice versa.

Do I need to go through the pound rate today in Delhi to get the best UK pound to INR rate?

Ans. Yes, if you want the best pound exchange rate today then following the pound rate today in Delhi can help you. The price of the pound keeps fluctuating. It is best to follow online sources to get the best price on currency conversion.

Where can I convert and see the pound exchange rate for trial purposes?

Ans. You can use the online currency converter to know the pound exchange rate against the Indian currency. You should use the authorized websites to convert your currency amount as the price keeps fluctuating. 

If I want to go to Britain, is it necessary for me to convert my Indian currency?

Ans. Yes, if you are going to Britain for any purpose, you need to convert your Indian currency to the Pound. You can convert your currency with the help of licensed money changers or banks. The currency can also be exchanged at the airport but it is strictly advisable to convert your currency beforehand.

What documents does one need if one wants to trade foreign currency in India?

Ans. If someone wants to sell or buy a foreign currency in India that person must furnish these documents-

  • Indian passport
  • He/ She must hold a confirmed air ticket (with a travel date within 60 days)
  • VISA
  • PAN card 

If someone wants to trade (sell) a foreign currency in India that person must furnish these documents-

Ans. Indian Passport for transactions more than INR 25,000.

  • Driving License 
  • Government-issued ID card 
  • PAN Card

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