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How to Apply Bajaj Finserv Cards Online in India?

Credit Card

The total transaction value of credit cards has increased by approximately 30% YoY since FY2017-18. This demonstrates the rising popularity of credit cards in the Indian market, as a result of extensive reward point regime and higher savings benefits.

One of the most popular credit cards available in the market is the Bajaj Finserv Card designed in collaboration with RBL Bank. It provides massive reward points and several customized industry-first benefits.

Bajaj Cards come with hassle-free online application procedure along with a quick approval process, facilitating the entire process. Nonetheless, individuals should decide upon which card they want to avail, depending upon their daily requirements and lifestyle, before moving on to the application procedure.

Bajaj Finserv Card – Application Procedure

The online application can be sent in the following steps –

  • Go to the official portal of the respective financial institution.
  • Ensure you fulfill the eligibility criteria.
  • Select a product among the Bajaj Cards you wish to avail.
  • Fill in all requisite personal information.

A representative of the NBFC will contact you shortly. Attested photocopies have to be submitted during this time as it is mandatory for KYC verification and also to check the applicant’s income.

Individuals can also opt for pre-approved offers on credit cards extended by Bajaj Finserv, for the quick and hassle-free approval process. Such offers are also available on numerous other financial products such as home loans, personal loans, business loans, etc. You can check out your pre-approved offer by providing your name and phone number.

Several other benefits associated with Bajaj Finserv Credit Cards make it an attractive option among the masses along with pre-approved offers.

Advantages of the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard

Exclusive benefits of a SuperCard that other credit cards don’t offer are-

Interest-Free Cash Withdrawal

Cardholders can withdraw cash up to the available credit limit from ATMs using Bajaj Card. Such amounts do not attract any interest whatsoever for 50 days from withdrawal, unlike standard credit cards offered by other financial institutions. Only nominal processing charges are levied on total withdrawn amount.

Interest-Free Personal Loans

Emergency loans can be availed at no additional charges to meet any unforeseen expenses. There are several reasons to opt for a personal loan on credit card, the primary one being no interest burden.

Such loans have to be repaid within 90 days in three EMIs and enjoy the interest waivers. Only a processing charge of 2.50% of the total loan amount has to be paid while availing the same.

Robust Security Features

One of the significant platinum Plus SuperCard features and benefits is that it comes with comprehensive security benefits. Zero fraud liability cover and in-hand security benefits on Bajaj Finserv cards allow individuals to enjoy completely secure transactions with negligible chances of scams.

Reward Points

Bajaj Finserv offers widespread reward points on every transaction processed through the card. Along with this, a welcome bonus of up to 20,000 points is also offered when signing-up. Such reward points allow cardholders to save up to Rs.55,000 annually through discounts and cashbacks. Individuals can avail RBL credit card to receive such massive reward points.

Reward points earned can be redeemed to receive discounts on future transactions, buy gift vouchers, as well as to reduce the monthly credit card bill generated.

Additional Benefits

While shopping from partnered EMI Network stores, individuals can avail cashbacks of up to 5% on total down payments made with the credit card. Cardholders can also redeem their reward points to finance such down payments.

Lastly, minimal joining fees and annual maintenance charges are levied on the card, easing the financial burden of cardholders. Such benefits on Bajaj Finserv Card allow individuals to save substantially on all purchases made through the card, along with an increased spending capacity.


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