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How to Check ITR-Verification Receipt Status

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Like a rule fearing citizen of the Country, you’ve paid your income tax and filed your ITR online. But your job doesn’t end there; you’ll need to verify and check the ITR-V Receipt Status to confirm whether your form has been submitted and confirmed. Only after this step is complete can you say that you’ve completed your tax duties towards your country.

What is ITR-Verification?

Income Tax return-Verification is generally familiar as ITR-V.  ITR-V is an affirmation sent by the Income Tax department to the taxpayer on effectual receipt of the income tax return. On confirming the verification, the taxpayer needs to print out the verification form, sign it and forward it to Central Processing Centre (CPC) Bangalore for completion of filing the returns. After submission of the ITR-V receipt to the Income Tax Department online the taxpayer has the power to check the ITR-V Receipt Status.

How Can ITR-V Be Done?

Income Tax Receipt –Verification can be done online with or without digital signature.  But it is necessary for taxpayers filing without digital signature to submit the online generated ITR-V form to the Income Tax officials at Central Processing Centre Bangalore, within 120 days from filing the Income Tax Returns to complete the process of Income Tax Return filing.

What Are The Requirements?

All the taxpayer as to do is enter the Permanent Account Number (PAN), confirmation or acknowledgment number of e-filing and the year of assessment.

The taxpayer has the power to inquire about the receipt of the ITR-V at the Central Processing Centre (CPC) and whether or not a digital signature was used at the time of filing the Income tax returns.

Why Check The Income Tax Return Verification (ITR-V) Receipt Status?

The purpose of checking the ITR-V Receipt Status online is important to save the taxpayer from mishaps leading to severe issues such as payment of extra taxes or loss of refunds from taxes.

How To Send ITR-Verification?

  • A one-page PDF file of an ITR-V is generated when one files their Income Tax returns online without using a digital signature.
  • Once this is filed the ITR Department sends an acknowledgment email to your inbox.
  • Additionally, the ITR-V form can also be downloaded from the Income Tax.
  • For the benefit of the taxpayer, the ITR-V provides the acknowledgment of the electronic transmission number as income tax filing evidence.
  • Password to open ITR-V is a combination of the PAN no and Date of birth.
  • The ITR-V form should be printed in dark black ink and clear to read.
  • The ITR-V copy has to be signed in blue ink below the Bar code, the bar number and bar code should be clearly legible, and the signature should not appear in the bar code of the Form.
  • In case of returns prepared by a Tax Return Preparer (TRP), the TRP particulars are to be filled, and the verification form is countersigned by TRP.
  • Only the one-page ITR-V duly signed is needed no other documents are required.
  • Do not fold or use a stapler on the signed ITR-V.
  • Enclose the ITR-V in an A4 size white envelope. Do not send the ITR-V contained envelope by courier but only through ordinary post or speed post. The ITR-V should be sent within 120 days from the day of filing.
  • Several ITR-V forms can be sent inside a single envelope
  • The envelope containing the ITR-V should be addressed to – Department Income Tax, CPC Post Box No.1, Post Office Electronic City, Bangalore -56010, Karnataka. Remember it cannot be submitted at any other place in India.
  • In case if within 120 days the ITR-V is not submitted the e-filing will be considered invalid and once again a fresh return a new ITR-V would have to be generated.

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Checking the ITR-Verification Receipt Status

The ITR-V receipt status facility is only available once the generated ITR-V is sent to the Income Tax Department at Bangalore.

On receipt of the form, the Department at Bangalore sends a confirmation email. This acknowledgment can also be accessed online using the following steps:

  • Select the ITR-V Receipt Status on the ITR website.
  • Information such as the PAN number and Assessment year has to be added.
  • Additionally, the eFiling Acknowledgement number can also be entered to access the receipt form.
  • Enter the Captcha code and select the Submit button.

However, in case the status records that “Not received for ten days” then it is ideal to contact the helpline number to check the records. X`


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