Best Stocks For Intraday Trading in India 2022

Best Stocks For Intraday Trading in India 2023

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The process of buying and selling a stock inside one day is known as intraday trading or day trading. In foreign currency and stock markets, this is a common occurrence. Various trading tactics are employed in intraday trading best stocks today to capitalize on little price swings in high-liquid stocks and currencies. Best stocks for intraday trading NSE, on the other hand, carry main risks and necessitate a solid understanding of how the market operates. This article will walk you through the fundamentals of intraday trading stocks list, its advantages, a few useful tactics, and a few essential tools that can help you with your study.

What is Intraday Trading?

Intraday trading is the act of purchasing and selling intraday trading best stocks today daily. If you’re day trading stock, it’s clear that you’re not planning to buy it. Intraday trading best stocks today’s leading goal is to make money in the short term by exploiting the movement of the best stocks for intraday trading NSE indexes. To do intraday trading best stocks today, you’ll need an online account. You must specify that the orders are for intraday trading while doing intraday trading top stocks today.

Summary Table Of Best Intraday Stocks To Buy In India

S. No Company Name NSE Symbol Rating 
1 Axis Bank Axis Bank 3
2 Bajaj Finance Bajfinance 5
3 Bandhan Bank Bandhan Bank 4.5
4 Bharti Airtel Bhartiartl 0.5
5 Zee Entertainment Enterprises Zeel 1
6 Indiabulls Housing Finance Ibulhsgfin 3
7 IndusInd Bank IndusIndbk 1
8 Jindal Steel & Power Jindal Steel 0.5
9 RBL Bank RBL Bank 0.5
10 Tata Motors Tata Motors 0.5

10 Best Intraday Trading Stocks List

The best intraday stocks list table’s brief descriptions of each firm will offer you an idea of the types of companies to choose for intraday trading.

1. Axis Bank

Axis Bank is India’s best intraday stocks listed third-largest private-sector bank, with extensive financial products. The bank’s headquarters are in Mumbai. It has over 4580 branches, a large ATM network, and 10 international offices. It provides financial services to large and mid-sized businesses, as well as small and medium-sized businesses and retail businesses. The stock exchange rate values it at Rs. 2, 03,417 crores.

2. Bajaj Finance

Bajaj Lending Limited is a chief player in India’s developing consumer finance market. It is involved in the best intraday stocks list, which includes the best stocks for intraday trading NSE. Consumer durables, lifestyle products, and groceries were among the first categories to receive interest-free EMI financing.  Aside from consumer finance, the corporation has a strong presence in SME, commercial, and rural loans. The firm has a market valuation of Rs. 4, 10,000 crores and above. 

3. Bandhan Bank

Bandhan Bank Ltd. is an Indian banking and financial services firm based in Kolkata, West Bengal. It is one of the best stocks for intraday trading on the NSE. As of March 31, 2019, the bank had 4000 banking locations. The 986 branches and 3,014 Doorstep Service Centers make up the network (DSCs). Bandhan Bank has a substantial presence in India’s underserved East and North East. The market cap of these best stocks for intraday trading NSE bank is Rs. 43000+ Cr.

4. Bharti Airtel

Bharti Airtel Limited, or just Airtel, is a New Delhi-based Indian telecommunications services firm. It operates in 18 countries across South Asia and Africa, specializing in intraday trading stocks lists. Depending on the country of operation, Airtel offers GSM, 3G, 4G LTE, 4G+, fixed-line broadband, and voice services. With a market capitalization of Rs. 3, 90,000 crores, the company is among the best intraday stocks list.

5. Indiabulls Housing Finance

Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited is a New Delhi-based mortgage lender. The National Home Bank is in charge of India’s second-largest house finance company, which is among the best intraday stocks list. It is a subsidiary of Indiabulls and accounts for over 80% of the company’s revenue. The company is listed on the Intraday Trading Stocks list and has a market capitalization of about Rs. 11,000 crore. 

6. IndusInd Bank

IndusInd Bank Limited, based in Pune, is an Indian next-generation bank founded in 1994. This bank offers commercial, transactional, and electronic banking products and services, as well as the best intraday stocks list. IndusInd Bank, which provides the best stocks for intraday trading, had about 1700 branches and 2800 ATMs across the country as of June 2020. In addition, it has offices in London, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. The bank has a market capitalization of around Rs. 70,000 crores. As a result, it ranks among the best intraday stocks list.

7. Jindal Steel & Power

Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL) is a steel and energy corporation established in Hisar, India, with a market capitalization of approximately US$ 5.5 billion. JSPL is a member of the intraday trading stocks list of the multinational Jindal Group conglomerate, which has a market capitalization of over US$18 billion. In India, JSPL is a leader in steel, power, mining, oil & gas, and infrastructure. Backward integration from its captive coal and iron-ore mines allows the company to make steel and power. It’s India’s third-largest steel manufacturer in terms of tonnage and has the best stocks for intraday trading. The company is supposedly worth Rs. 35,000 crore.

8. Tata Motors

Tata Motors Limited is an Indian multinational automaker based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Passenger cars, trucks, vans, coaches, buses, sports cars, construction equipment, and military vehicles are among its offerings. With a market value of Rs 1, 60,000 crores, Tata Motors is one of the best stocks for intraday trading.

9. Zee Entertainment Enterprises

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited is the Essel Group’s media and entertainment broadcasting firm. This company is involved in the intraday trading stocks list because it has the best stocks for intraday trading. Under the Zee brand, it controls a slew of entertainment channels. Zee Entertainment Enterprise also owns and runs Zee Music Company, a record label, and Zee Studios, a film studio.

10. RBL Bank

RBL Bank, based in Mumbai, was established in 1943. With a market size of Rs. 11,000+ Crs, RBL Bank has entered the intraday trading stocks listings. Corporate and institutional banking, commercial banking, branch, and business banking, retail assets, development finance and banking inclusion, treasury, and financial market operations are among the services it provides.

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How to Select Best Stocks For Intraday Trading? 

Proper stock selection is an essential aspect of an intraday trading strategy. Here are some helpful hints for picking the best stocks for intraday trading.

1. The Volume of Shares

The capacity of stocks is one of the most dominant factors in intraday trading. Volume refers to the total number of shares traded in a market at any specified time. Stocks with a high volume of trading are often praised.

2. Today’s Best Stocks 

A few stocks are likely to do well if there’s favourable news. Stocks in this category are expected to move in either direction with a lot of volumes. Intraday trading is possible with these stocks.

3. The Week’s Activity

Examine the movement of stocks that have consistently closed in the negative or positive territory for the previous week. This movement can be utilized to help you to pick the best stocks for intraday trading.

4. Level of Resistance

Stocks that have broken through resistance levels and are moving upward are several to keep an eye on. Such stocks are among the most popular among the best intraday stocks list.

5. Trading in Few Best Intraday Stocks List

A small number of intraday traders specialize in trading specific stocks. That is because these traders do a thorough analysis of stock movement. That is one of the most popular intraday methods used by traders.

6. The Best and Worst Gainers and Losers

Some stocks are top gainers, while others are top losers. These stocks have the potential to move quite a lot. To begin trading, however, keep a close eye on these best stocks for intraday trading.

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Intraday Trading Strategies

Intraday trading best stock today is a game of predicting which firms will raise and which will fall. It’s the same as investing in the best stocks for intraday trading NSE, but you have to do it all day.

As a result, finding the best stocks for intraday trading on the NSE has become much more difficult. You can’t merely run a stock portfolio and hope for the best. That is due to two factors:

  • One is that there are far too many intraday trading stocks lists available. You and your broker can’t keep up with them all. 
  • The other is that the stock market never closes, so you never get a vacation from your news feeds and tweets.

Intraday trading is impulsive by people trying to beat the news rather than people trying to pick stocks consequently of these two factors together.

That means that the best stocks for intraday trading NSE follow the same rules as day trading. It’s not just about obtaining good firms at decent pricing from the best intraday stocks list. It’s all about purchasing companies whose information has a release in a way that makes them appear attractive.

Advantages of Intraday Trading NSE

  1. There is no chance of losing money overnight because the position is unaffected by bad news or occurrences.
  2. Trading flexibility, even with a small capital base
  3. Allows you to work from wherever at your leisure.
  4. You can use tight stop-loss orders with this feature.
  5. Many brokers provide intraday trading for as little as one paisa.
  6. That is an excellent opportunity for traders to learn more and have access to leverage.

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Disadvantages of Intraday Trading NSE

To make a good deal, you need to take a practical approach and concentrate on the risks that the Intraday trading stocks list can pose.

1. Increased Risk

Because this is a short-term deal, the trader’s decision-making talents must be highly polished. Any poor decision might result in massive losses in a matter of seconds.

2. Quality And Quantity

Traders are more likely to make a great number of lucrative transactions, while investors are more concerned with the quality of the exchange.

3. Time-Consuming

Requires a significant amount of time and effort from the person. The trader cannot do more than one job or duty at the same time.

4. Knowledge Requirement

Intraday Trading necessitates knowledge of various trading methods and technicalities.

5. Perseverance and Patience

Generating money through this trading needs a lot of patience instead of impulsive purchasing and selling, as well as strict attention and mental strength.


It’s not easy to choose the best stocks for intraday trading. It requires a great deal of knowledge. There are a plethora of resources available today for obtaining stock data, tracking, and forecasting from an intraday trading stocks list. You must choose stocks prudently from the intraday trading stocks list using such best intraday stocks list tools at your disposal, depending on your portfolio size and risk appetite.

Intraday Trading Stocks – FAQs

Q1. What exactly are intraday trades?

Ans. Intraday trading occurs when trades are allaying on the same trading day.

Q2. How can we place orders for intraday trading best stocks today?

Ans. You must choose “Intraday” as the kind of order when placing an order from the regular order window.

Q3. Which intraday indicator is the best?

Ans. Momentum traders regard MACD as one of the most reliable and best intraday indicators. This indicator shows you the direction, momentum, and length of a trend. The convergence and divergence of two moving averages form the basis for the MACD indicator.

Q4. Which segment can we use for intraday orders?

Ans. NSE Cash, BSE Cash, NSE Derivative, NSE Currency, MCX Commodity, and NCDEX Commodity offer intraday trading.

Q5. Can we purchase and sell intraday equities and contracts?

Ans. Yes. You can buy and sell long and short securities and contracts. Referable recognized Z equities in the equity section do not allow intraday trading.

Q6. Is it possible to place a market and limit orders on an intraday basis?

Ans. Yes. Market and limit orders are both acceptable in the intraday product.

Q7. Is a stop-loss order required in addition to the intraday order?

Ans. No. A stop-loss order is optional when placing the main order.


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